Halloween is here!

Are you up for it?

Although it is not a holiday here, Halloween and Halloween parties are becoming popular every year, largely attributed to the huge expat community in Phnom Penh. It is basically an American holiday and, mind you, the parties are really the talk-of-the-town the morning after.

Anyways. I could not let this pass without making something. I made some Halloween gift tags and treat bags!

Halloween tags, perfect accessory for the Halloween treat bags.

Aren’t they spook-tacular? Lol. Sorry, can’t help it.

The treat bags are so easy to make.
I used the glassine paper which was bought last year. Glued the sides and used scalloped scissors to cut the edge for a more decorative look. I printed the jack-o-lantern and coloured it with a colouring marker. Then I used three different coloured yarns to tie it up. For the other treat bag I used a black card stock as a band. The “trick or treat” were handwritten, so were the little bats, using my metallic pen. Looks good, isn’t it? I love the black cat and the decorative border! I guess orange works great with black.

So tomorrow, the treat bags will be in use. My husband’s class requested to do a Halloween “special” class and it would include a “trick or treat portion”. Hopefully, the kids will like the treat bags as much as what’s inside of them 🙂

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!

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