About Me

Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog.

donyaboodinggravatarMy name is Sreisaat. It means pretty lady in the Khmer language. It’s actually one of the first few Khmer words I learned upon my arrival here more than a decade ago. I am married to an English gentleman, without kids (none yet, anyway), and we are currently based in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Before meeting my husband, I used to work in one of the NGOs here, involved in environmental conservation, women, and the media. Now that I’m done with all that work, I’ve embarked on another career, this time as a stay-at-home wife. I realise just how difficult it is to be one. Enough of the drama.

I am also an inveterate crafter and a newly-converted insane thrift-hunter. Instead of sulking and moping and griping about my state of childlessness, I descend upon ukay-ukay (thrift shops) stores everywhere in the city, seeking thrill in hunting items – from gadgets to clothes, knick-knacks and what-have-yous. Or, scouring the markets for the hard-to-find yarns, crochet hooks, fabrics, and paper crafting materials.

So, welcome to my site. And if you share the same thrill with me, I definitely want to hear from you and see your projects, too. So, please, leave comments and your blog links or send me a message via my Contact Page any time so we could start a blog roll!

If you’d like to see my fabulous thrift finds from thrift stores and yard sales, please visit my other site, Good Thrift-Hunting.


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