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Hashtag Yarn Happy!

Or more appropriately — #yarnhappy. Lol.

Hi. It’s been awhile since my last post.
Sorry for my long absence. No posts for Stash-buster Challenge and Show Off Your Shell. I am reeling from the severe Phnom Penh heat. This year is hotter than last year and we’re not even in the month of April yet (which is the hottest month in the country!) Add to that, the long power cuts that last 10hours on some days. It’s really awful staying in the house, sweating. We’re almost melting! But we can’t do anything about it. The supply is not enough to cover the capital’s demand. Oh, well. Living here for more than a decade now we learned to just bear it and grin. Oh, and we just bought a small generator last weekend.

yarns from turkeyA reason to be happy despite the heat – this! The package I was waiting for arrived from Turkey. It was a good reason to go out of the house and meet up with my Lui (she blogs at My Crafting Den) who shares half of the contents with me. The package contains the imported yarns we purchased online. We’re pleasantly surprised that the package arrived early. In fact earlier than we anticipated it to be considering it was sent via registered mail only. Happy heads!

Lui and I agreed to meet at Paul’s Brewehouse along St. 51 in Boengkengkong district. It was my first time to go there and we agreed to meet at 10amish. I must admit, except for a footwear malfunction which will now go down in my memory warehouse as my Mentos moment, it was a great morning of peace and quiet while enjoying our coffee, donuts, and crochet. At that time of the day, Paul’s Brewehouse was the perfect meeting place.

So here’s my part of the loot:

imported yarns from turkey

Pretty, aren’t they?

I know what you’re thinking.
Yes, I promised myself and my husband that I would refrain from buying any more yarns until my stash is all used up. But who could resist these absolutely gorgeous yarns of different fibres? In Cambodia where it’s difficult to get anything that is not acrylic, these are fabfabfab and Lui and I are both in yarn heaven right now. I’m pretty these are not found in yarn stores here (in Cambodia) or Thailand and Vietnam.

So, anyway, Lui and I split everything 50-50, down to the shipping cost. And we also could not believe how fast these yarns arrived here. I’m impressed!

By the way, these are Lui’s coming-home present for me — mercerised cotton from Monaco!

monaco yarns from the philippines

Monaco, the brand that my mother used in her crochet projects years ago.

These are the kind of yarns that I’m used to. And the brand is quite popular in the Philippines. Salamat! Now I should stop worrying about yarns because I think I already have enough till next year.

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Ring-a-ling! Wedding bells are ringing.

I’m back.
Finally, I found some time to come up for fresh air and post an update.

My younger brother is getting married in December and I’m really happy for him. I still remember when we were kids waking up in the morning earlier than usual to help him get dressed for school. He was just in kindergarten and I in the sixth grade and now he is an adult and marrying the girl-of-his dreams.

This being a church wedding everyone in our immediate family is expected to go home to attend the ceremony. Knowing my brother, and his girlfriend, the wedding will be a traditional affair. The wedding is set in December and I’m making their invitations. This will be my first time and my Photoshop skills will be put to use, hah.  My credibility will be at stake. Ngak. But I do love the challenge and the opportunity to be able to do something creative with my own hands. So, yeah, bro. No pressure. Your wedding invitation will be awesome!

I do not have any finished mock ups yet  because other wedding details aren’t finalised yet.  I’m playing with the colours and fonts for now. I’m also glad that a friend of mine is helping me out. This will be a perfect opportunity for us to work together as we are planning something out in the coming days. I’ll post the design here as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, when my brother went home last month, I sent several balls of yarn – through him – to my sister  who’s back into crocheting again. She’s currently making granny squares to make a sofa cover {ambisyosa!} and pillow cases.

I found some really nice yarns at the Psah Thmey {Central Market}. They are a bit over-priced compared to the ones available at O’Russei  market, where I usually go, but I was pressed for time that I decided to go to the nearest, i.e., the Central Market. So here are the stuff I got, aren’t the colours pretty?

Several balls of yarn in solid colours.

Mixed-colour yarns for only over a dollar each.

And a double-headed crochet hook, 7mm and 5mm at opposite ends.

Please excuse the dirty fingernails, hahaha.

I’m currently working on some tags in Halloween theme. These tags and cards are hand-stamped and coloured by yours truly. But that’s going to be in another post.

See you next time!

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