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A fantastic giveaway not to be missed!

Here’s some great news to my crafter-friends out there!

I just been to Hannah Ackroyd‘s site and found out about Diaper Mum’s first anniversary giveaway. I was trying to re-blog this from Hannah’s site using the re-blog (press this) button but for some reason it didn’t work for me. Talking about experiencing a glitch at an important moment, huh.

1stAnivGiveaway_button_zps16edb71eWell, anyway, I clicked the logo and it led me to Diaper Mum’s blog and OH.MY. GOD. What a fantabulous stuff she has prepared for this giveaway:

  • 500 Crochet Blocks by Hannah Elgie and Kath Eastoe
  • a collection of lining materials for crochet bag projects
  • fancy brads
  • and pretty wooden buttons

I can’t believe how generous Diaper Mum is! For more details about this exciting giveaway, why don’t you visit Diaper Mum’s blog for more details. Simply click the logo on the left and it will automatically take you to the post 🙂 Good luck!


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Monday Mellow Yellows: Tapes and paper punches

Some crafting tools and materials I ordered online arrived recently and I’m excited. I don’t have any projects in mind yet but I’ll just play with them for awhile while researching for craft ideas online.

Since there are a lot of yellows in the lot and in many of my previous projects, I am joining the Monday Mellow Yellows photo meme every week. This is my first entry:

bee happy

Washi and fabric tapes and shaped paper punches. The brown kraft mini-envelopes were freebies from the seller. How nice is that?

I still have a lot more in my to-buy list. They are hard to find here in Phnom Penh so I resort to shopping online. I find the prices to be okay but the shipping cost is a bit problematic. I think it will take me several months again to be able to save enough to pay for the shipping 😛


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Ring-a-ling! Wedding bells are ringing.

I’m back.
Finally, I found some time to come up for fresh air and post an update.

My younger brother is getting married in December and I’m really happy for him. I still remember when we were kids waking up in the morning earlier than usual to help him get dressed for school. He was just in kindergarten and I in the sixth grade and now he is an adult and marrying the girl-of-his dreams.

This being a church wedding everyone in our immediate family is expected to go home to attend the ceremony. Knowing my brother, and his girlfriend, the wedding will be a traditional affair. The wedding is set in December and I’m making their invitations. This will be my first time and my Photoshop skills will be put to use, hah.  My credibility will be at stake. Ngak. But I do love the challenge and the opportunity to be able to do something creative with my own hands. So, yeah, bro. No pressure. Your wedding invitation will be awesome!

I do not have any finished mock ups yet  because other wedding details aren’t finalised yet.  I’m playing with the colours and fonts for now. I’m also glad that a friend of mine is helping me out. This will be a perfect opportunity for us to work together as we are planning something out in the coming days. I’ll post the design here as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, when my brother went home last month, I sent several balls of yarn – through him – to my sister  who’s back into crocheting again. She’s currently making granny squares to make a sofa cover {ambisyosa!} and pillow cases.

I found some really nice yarns at the Psah Thmey {Central Market}. They are a bit over-priced compared to the ones available at O’Russei  market, where I usually go, but I was pressed for time that I decided to go to the nearest, i.e., the Central Market. So here are the stuff I got, aren’t the colours pretty?

Several balls of yarn in solid colours.

Mixed-colour yarns for only over a dollar each.

And a double-headed crochet hook, 7mm and 5mm at opposite ends.

Please excuse the dirty fingernails, hahaha.

I’m currently working on some tags in Halloween theme. These tags and cards are hand-stamped and coloured by yours truly. But that’s going to be in another post.

See you next time!

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How do you like my new look?

It’s pink, it’s girly, it’s love, and it’s from Nymphont for free!

I’m actually using the Echo That It’s Love template which according to Lauren, creative mind behind Nymphont, was inspired by one of the songs of Smashing Pumpkins. This template is fully widgetized, with embedded comment form below the post, highly customizable via the Template Designer and with really fancy fonts. A little tweaking here and there and my site will finally be complete. What do you think?

If you are looking for something new for your blogger blog, head over to Nymphont as she has more than a dozen of templates to choose from. Add to that, she has a lot of freebie fonts and other tips on graphic and web-designing. Hurry!

From my crafting nook to yours….

Happy, happy New Year!
May we make more beautiful handmade stuffs…
and make 2011 our  best year ever.

Back in the groove

I was away for a while, got busy with some stuffs that needed my attention that my crocheting projects had to be put on hold. Then there was the holiday, the Cambodian King’s birthday, and we went away for the weekend. Oh, that was a lovely two days of pure chillaxing.

Anyways, my younger brother also went for a holiday, but went a little farther, to the Philippines (and came back already) and I sent nine 100gm-balls of yarn in different colors for my mother who was suddenly bitten by the crocheting bug. Actually, my mother saw this blog and the things I had done, and being a hooker herself, it didn’t take that long for her to pick up her hook and join the crocheting bandwagon again. She told me she liked the yarns I bought and would love to have several balls of them as she plans to crochet stuffs for my nephew and nieces – so there.
My husband accompanied me to buy the yarns and we didn’t have difficulty in finding the stall amidst the maze that is the O’Russei market. I like shopping for yarns and choosing colors was fun.  I was delighted when he paid for all of it. We even bought my mother a pair of new crochet hooks as the ones my mom have are already old and rusty.  I can only imagine my mother’s reaction when she saw the stuffs – it was more than what she’d asked me for! *lol*

Okay, so it won’t be long till I post here some of the stuffs I am working on. I need to finish some stuffs before I could be able to sit down and work on them, but I will sure give updates on the Afghan square and runner which I’ve began not long ago.

New blog look!

I am loving my new look. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed 😀
It started last Friday, after visiting Little Ms Firefly’s blog. I saw her neat handwriting fonts and I told myself I’m going to have them here in my blog. The fonts are free for download from a site by an American couple Kevin and Amanda. I so love their blog!

After finishing my Postcards Crossing blog, I began work here. Choosing the right font was not easy as all of them are awesome! I could not make up my mind as to what font to use and after trying about a dozen, I finally settled on the Rebekah font.  I just couldn’t resist the playfulness and artsy look of the font. So after several agonizing attempts at adding and deleting codes, toggling between Blogger and another host site and Kevin and Amanda’s tutorial… you are now looking at my obra. Do you like it?

Certified hooker!

I have a confession to make.

I am addicted to crocheting. I am a hook-er!

This addiction though is husband-approved as it keeps me from driving him up the wall. Well, except, of course, if I spend too much time crocheting and forgetting about him. *lol*.  Crocheting is keeping me company when the husband is away at work, and most of all, it is keeping me away from moping on days when I feel down and blue. It’s an effective diversion when I’m feeling anxious; it relaxes me and the anxiety slowly goes away.

This kind of addiction is also low maintenance. I don’t need hundreds of dollars to get a kick. The yarns are cheap selling only less than a dollar a skein, although, it is not the kind of yarn that I would have used if there are other options. The hooks were given by my Mother and Mum-in-law and there are plenty. Recently, a new-found friend and certified hook-er like me mailed me two pieces of crochet hooks, 5mm and 5.5mm in size, which I don’t have.

Not many people could ever understand this addiction though. For some, they complain about eye-strain, backaches and wrist/hand pains, or even carpal tunnel syndrome. I certainly experience these too but fellow hook-ers would agree with me that it is somehow difficult to stop crocheting once you’ve already begun a project. I have done several items lately which we displayed at last Saturday’s Fun Fair. Here are some of them:

By the way, these items are also for sale. On the left are flower doilies in different colors, various scrunchies (background) and glass coasters (foreground). Let me know if any of these interest you. Friends suggest that I should open a store at but I don’t think I am ready for that one yet. I need more confidence votes, in other words! *lol*

Also, we have several pieces of really, really charming beaded jewelries that were unsold during the fair.

These items were all made by hand. If you see something in particular that you fancy, leave me a message so I can provide details about that item.

Why Sreisaat Crafts?

For a very long while now I have thought about creating my own crafts blog, a crochet blog. I was inspired by the many crafts bloggers I met online, including Little Ms. Firefly, who makes pretty stuffs by hand.  I might’ve been a little late to join this crafts blog thing-y having only came across them crafts bloggers back in late 2008 but I have been crocheting since I was in my grade school. My mother, who learned how to crochet from the nuns when she was a grade-schooler at the colegio back in the 60s, decided that all her daughters should also learn her craft, commanded me and my sisters to pick up a crochet hook and patiently taught us how to make loops and single, double, treble crochets.

When we showed a lot of progress she decided to teach us beyond the basics – from picots to clusters, to granny squares to pineapple ruffles, and much, much more. Much to our chagrin, me especially, most of our summer school breaks were spent at home with her, making doilies and runners, flowers and berries, and the like. While all or most of my friends were frolicking in the beach or were away holidaying some place else, or simply hanging around in our favorite corner-store, I was stuck at home with my hook and thread. Cousins would tease me that crocheting is for spinsters, therefore, I would be doomed to become one! Even though a number of times my items and/or labor were paid, I resented it so much (I think it’s the thought of ending up a spinster that I feared the  most! hahaha) that I declared a demented war against my mother. I complained non-stop about how my back and arms ached from hours of huddling how my eyes were too tired they’d pop out of their sockets from too much  crocheting. I intentionally made my work ugly, loosening my tension, and missing stitches to annoy her and let me go and play with friends. Apparently, my mother has the patience of a pilgrim and the sternness of a nun, and she would tell me, with seriousness in her voice, dae ka magpara-hugak dyan ta aram ko na kaya mong gibuhon yan(don’t be lazy because, I know, you know how to do it properly).

Prior to 2008, I had no clue that  there’s an amazing community of craft-makers out there. It’s amazing to see groups of people who are creative and enthusiastic about creating something with their bare hands, like knitting, baking, scrapbooking, crocheting, and many others, and who are willing to share their crafts to the blogosphere and extend help and advise to others.  In the beginning, I was merely contented looking at these blogs for hours on end, bookmarking blogs with patterns that I like for my future projects (only to be lost and forgotten, sigh). Since I quit my job more than a year ago, I have more time to spare, and living in Phnom Penh with limited recreational activities, I wondered, would I be able to put myself out there and do what they’re doing?

So I recently picked up my crochet hook again (I have lots of ’em sent by my mother and my mum-in-law), and started practicing… soon, I will be taking on projects beginning with simple patterns and will progress later on to more complex ones when my tension improves. So… come back next time and sit with me as I take on crocheting again, one project at a time.