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Crafting with Sreisaat has moved!

Yes. After some deliberations I decided to consolidate my blogs into one. I am finding my main blog is taking much of my time and because of this my other blogs, including Crafting with Sreisaat, have been relegated to the backseat. I think consolidating will make blogging easier for me and for you, my friends, to just visit one blog.

I am quite happy that WordPress offers a hassle-free export-import tool that I was able to migrate the contents in just a few minutes. AUTOMATICALLY. And that includes your ALL posts, pages, comments, photos and other uploaded media. Too bad I could not take with me those who are following this blog 😦

Please check out my new “house” at and it is called the Sreisaat Adventures. See you there!


Fab prizes from Papemelroti for the best ATC!

Yes, you heard it right! I’m taking a breather from a hectic routine just to bring you this news from Papemelroti. It’s an exciting opportunity to win products from my favourite hobby shop in the Philippines.

ATC is the acronym for Artist Trading Cards. Basically, they are miniature art and they are made for swapping, collecting or trading with other ATC makers. So now, Papemelroti is hosting an Artist Trading Card-making contest and the winner gets to bring home this fantabulous scrapbooking set. And here’s a look at the prize:

win a scrapbook set from Papemelroti

These are half of what’s for grabs at Papemelroti!
P.S. Please take note that this is not a paid post. I’m simply sharing this exciting opportunity/ good news from them. Oh, and this photo is nicked from Papemelroti’s website.

So what’s in the prize pack? A LOT!!!

10-compartment organizer

Each Moment Handcrafted Tags

3-drawer Adventure Box

Bless this Earth Rubber Stamp

Adventure Notebook

Friend Sticker

Quotes Sticker

Adventure Bookmark

Adventure Bound Notebook

Always Remember Scrapbook Ornament

Assorted Craft Cut Pieces

Ellipse Scrapbook Ornaments

Adventure Spiral Notebook

Believe Craft Cut Sheet

Today Craft Cut Sheet

Cutout Kraft Letter Sheet

Adventure Medium Scrapbook with Matching Paper Bag

All of these Papemelroti products are made with 100% unbleached recycled paper. For more details about how to win this prizes, all you have to do is make your own ATC out of any materials you can use.

There is a big community of collectors/swappers/traders out there. I think it’s a fantastic way to express one’s artistic and creative sides and also a great venue to meet other people with similar interests and forge new friendships.  Don’t know how to make one, DON’T WORRY. Papemelroti will teach you how!

So why don’t you go and visit Papemelroti now to learn more about ATCs and how to win the cool prizes!

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Welcome to Crafting with Sreisaat!

You have just landed at the new home of Sreisaat Crafts, which I renamed to Crafting with Sreisaat.

It’s been awhile since I last updated this blog. Mainly, I have been busy with a lot of OTHER things but I have managed to work on this one earlier this year and finally – and thankfully! –  move it here in WordPress about a month ago.

As is with my other blogs that I moved from Blogger to WP, it was a tedious, trial and error process  but along the way, with me being nowhere near a web designer/expert, the learnings I gathered are very valuable.

So Crating with Sreisaat is up and running now via WP platform and I expect to post regularly (*insert anti-jinx here*) from hereon despite the obvious need for code-tweakings (some customisation bits, e.g., header, navigation bar, etc.) . I’ll definitely be adding more content (slowly, but surely), perhaps put a gallery or sorts (if the theme allows), and what-have-yous.

By the way, the background you see is one of the five bundled cute wallpapers from My Crafting Den. I have already downloaded most of her kits there I’m probably the topnotch “download-er” of her freebies! I know, I’m el cheap-o (LOL) but I could not resist the cheery vibe of this design.

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