How to make your own monogram rubber stamp

Last year I started venturing into the art of stamping and I was delighted about it. I started practicing with rubber erasers nicked from my husband’s school supplies and I got really hooked. My kind-hearted friends, seeing how hard I tried my hand at carving, sent me rubber stamps. I think it’s their way of saying my carving skills suck, lol. But anyway, I love the rubber stamps that I made myself, regardless of how rough,  unpolished, or amateurish they may be.

stamping for fun

No fuss. Very simple monogram rubber stamp. The banners are also made and hand-stamped by me.

I take really great pride in what I have made. So, here is one of my finished rubber stamp, a very simple monogram. I wanted to make something that I can use in making personalised cards and tags for family and friends.

While some people might be turned off at how “crude” and unrefined this looks I do not give a hoot at all because I think it adds more to the charm of a hand-stamped monogram, hehehe. Besides I’m only a beginner. Not bad, eh?

Materials and tools used: ordinary rubber erasers, a cutter, a heavy-lead pencil (for tracing), and a stamp pad.

How to do it? Here’s a very simple tutorial:

First things first. I created my monogram, letter “Z” using a pencil. You can either do it free-hand (like I did) or on your computer (and then print it out).

For some reason I shaded the hand-drawn monogram before tracing it face down on the eraser block. In this way, the “shade” is transferred on to the eraser block, see pic below.

transfer monogram to eraser

Next, with a cutter, I cut out the outer pencil lines to form the shape of the monogram and sliced the unnecessary parts. Since I do not have the right carving tools, I made do with the cutter. It was not easy but very doable. After a few minutes of slicing and cutting — voila!

cutting the outer lines of the monogram

Now, to see if the finished monogram is alright, I pressed my monogram stamp on on the stamp pad and … voila! My monogram rubber stamp is good to go 😀

stamping for fun

This is actually my second attempt in making my monogram rubber stamp. It looks neater and cleaner, actually. Practice does make it perfect.

Here are some of the rubber stamps I made out of ordinary erasers:

carving rubber erasers for fun

Practicing my carving skills on rubber erasers was fun! You can make anything if you let your imagination work.

Maybe you are wondering why I’m using ordinary erasers instead of rubber stamp blocks. Well, my friends, they are not available here in Phnom Penh. Besides, purchasing them online is also very costly.


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One thought on “How to make your own monogram rubber stamp

  1. Thanks for linking this up at my party! This is definitely a project I’d love to do…I personally love the unrefined edge look!! Hope to have you back next week!!

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