Giveaways from Kayni and Kepi!

I love making all sorts of paper crafts – greeting cards, gift boxes/wraps, scrapbooking, etc. —  especially for my friends and loved ones but,  living in Phnom Penh where craft shops are next to non-existent, I am always frustrated that the materials I need are not my preferred kind, if not nowhere to be found here.

So I regularly check online stores and marvel at the wide array of supplies available.  When my friend Kayni announced that she’s opening her own online store {Kayni and Kepi} specialising in handmade cards and craft supplies, I just have to go and have a look.

How I love the assortment of washi tapes in her store!  WASHI tapes, not WASABI which I wrote before in one of her posts – I must have been too excited, silly me, hihihi.

Anyways,  here is a short list of my favourite things from Kayni and Kepi {I hope my fairy blogmother is reading this!}:

A kawaii tape-dispenser!

This Little Red Riding Hood tape-dispenser is  made of wood. I can totally imagine showing off my washi tapes “housed” in this pretty dispenser. I hope to win this one *fingers crossed*

Next…  the Thank You Owl and Clock Matchbox Stamp Set.

Thank You Owl and Clock Matchbox Stamp Set

Yes, my wishlist is not complete without rubber stamps. I’m the crazy rubber stamp lady, you see.  I have a few in my possession and waiting to buy some more for quite awhile now but I put if off because I’m still doing some experimentation.

Last,  but not the least, washi tapes. I’m a big fan of washi and deco tapes. They’re so much fun to use. In Kayni and Kepi, they come in pretty variations and here’s some of them:

Washi Masking Tape Blue Striped Wide

Washi Masking Tape Confetti Wide

Washi Masking Tape Dark Purple Date Planner

I still have a few rolls of tapes that I bought when I went to Tokyo a few years ago and I need to get more before they’re gone. I used them mostly for wrapping presents and scrapbooking and I tend to use them sparingly since they are hard to find here.

So there you go… If you are crazy about these, too, check out Kayni and Kepi’s shop and have a chance to win exciting stuff. All it takes you is a few minutes of your time to enter. You can also find Kayni’s Shops on Facebook and Etsy. Deadline is on Aug 31 so hurry up.

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2 thoughts on “Giveaways from Kayni and Kepi!

  1. Vicky says:

    Hi I live in Phnom Penh too and was wondering if you could tell me where I can find arts and craft stores here as so far I haven’t been too successful. Thanks!

  2. donyabooding says:

    Hi, Vicky. Thank you for dropping by. You can find art materials and some card stock at the IBC and other bookstores but other craft materials – particularly paper craft materials are next to non-existent. I buy my stuff online, via etsy or other online craft shops. Kayni and Kepi, which I mentioned above, has excellent stock of different sorts of paper crafts! If you’re looking for yarns for crocheting and knitting, you can find t hem at the third floor of O’Russei Market or at Central Market. They have nice but limited variety of yarns, ribbons, buttons, beads, etc. The last time I was at Central Market I saw memory wires for sale there, too. If you can wait, I and friend of mine are opening a craft shop soon. Let me know what materials exactly are you looking for?

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