Filipiniana rubber stamp from Papemelroti

Korean art stamps are cute but they're too tiny.

I mentioned in my other blog that, starting this year, I’m diversifying my interests. I just want to be busier and more productive this year, that’s all. For example, aside from crocheting and dabbling with digital scrap-booking, I’ve recently added stamping and paper-crafting to my “repertoire”. Although I’ve done a lot of paper crafting way back I haven’t done any stamping ever.

I first ordered this starter set from Etsy, right photo. I already had so many ideas in my head brewing in my head already. They’re cute and all but after several uses I find them challenging to use because they’re — well — tiny and the stamp relief is shallow that the background gets included when I stamp it on. So I thought perhaps bigger stamps with higher/deeper relief will have better stamp results. I was only waiting for the right time to order online when…

… I received this beauty three days ago direct from Manila. It’s from one of my {Miss Igorota} sisters, GingMaganda:

Now this (size) is more like it! I can now use this for both my paper crafting and Postcrossing activities.

I mentioned to GingMaganda about my new hobby and lamented the fact that I could not get any supplies here in Phnom Penh. GingMaganda, being nice and all, offered to send me some. The stamp is from Papemelroti, a popular specialty/crafts shop in the Philippines and my favourite since I was in highschool. I love the vintage Filipiniana vibe, don’t you? Their other products are equally awesome and earth-friendly, too, as most materials are recycled. Anyhoo, I’m very excited to play with this stamp and see what I can come up with while waiting for more stamp designs to arrive, as promised by my younger sister MamaGirl. I’ll post in the coming days the results of my “experimentation”.

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8 thoughts on “Filipiniana rubber stamp from Papemelroti

  1. SO nice to know you like my drawing!!!!! – I’m the “ro” of papemelroti! cheers! 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hello, Kuya Robert! I fondly remember you as Kuya Robert 😀
      I am so thrilled to hear from you. I’m such a big fan of Papemelroti and your artwork! I knew you went to Cambodia and made lovely sketches of the Angkor Wat and more.

  2. all the best in your crafting adventures. the internet is great for inspiration when we want to diversify our interests! happy Easter!

    • admin says:

      Dear Peggy, thank you! I appreciate your taking time to visit and leaving a comment. I look up to you and your siblings’s for your creativity and artistry. Your blogs are great sources for inspiration as well. Maraming salamat, sa uulitin at Maligayang Pasko ng Pagkabuhay!

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