Dabbling in graphics design

What started as a fascination for blogging led me to tinker with my blog’s template codes, and my search for fancy fonts and template designs had me accidentally venturing into digital scrap-booking and graphics designing.

As a starter, I do not have any formal trainings related to these stuff but I what I love about the Internet is that it provides me with all the online resources that I need. Graphic design books come far and few here in Cambodia and the prices are repressive. Thank heavens for online tutorials and Google searches because they are treasure troves of everything I want to learn as a newbie.

It is incredibly fun to just let loose of my creativity using my imagination, computer and mouse – a very pleasant surprise since I have no inkling I had a bit of creativity running through my veins! Creative din pala ako if only I allowed myself to be. And take note, I am not colour-blind, too. Hah, what a relief! On the other hand, it also helps that I have like-minded friends (you know who you are) who have generously given me more resources, practical tips and taught me some useful tricks. With that kind of support and show of enthusiasm, how could I not learn?

Without further ado, let me just show off what I had done recently. I know I have a lot more to learn and I’m going to do just that. By no means I claim to be an expert because I’m millions of miles from being so but this is a good start for me… we have to start from somewhere, right? Anyways, please bear with me as I present – ahem, ahem –  my finished works. These are headers I used personally for my blogs:

So what do you think? Do I have the potential? 🙂
The pictures used here are not mine but they’re available over the Internet. I do have a list of sites where I took all of these from, but, at the moment I could not locate it. I will have it posted here as a sign of gratitude, as well as, attribution to the sources as soon as I find it.

2 thoughts on “Dabbling in graphics design

  1. purplecat says:

    i really really heart the ITCOM header. It's laugh out loud, and the font is just perfect for it. The postcards crossing header is so vintage. and the thriting header is just so matched with the thrifting and vintage spirit.

  2. Sreisaat says:

    I got lucky finding that ITCOM gfx! I got a lot of fun comments regarding that header. If I'm not mistaken the fonts, except for the Postcards Crossing, are all from kevinandamanda.com. Galing 'no? I really have to find that list so I could give proper attribution to these people.

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