Better late than never!

I have always been a late bloomer. In my family, amongst my friends…  I was always behind.

But, as my title says, it is better late than never. Take for example digi-scrapbooking and graphics designing. This was the rage in early 2000s – digi-scrapping particularly – but I joined the bandwagon only recently.  I love being creative and expressing myself artistically, if only my eyes and other body parts don’t complain too much (pains here and there, a sign of getting old, sigh). I may not be a great artist or something but at least I strive to do something worthwhile. I really enjoyed digi-scrapping and I get tireless whenever I scour the internet for scrapbooking tutorials, ideas, and freebies, of course!

So enough of the drama, it took me several months before I could post here again.Better late than never! hahaha. I know a lot of my blog links here have already written me off but that’s okay. I hope they find me back here, if not, for sure I’ll find new ones.

I want to share you one of the digi-scraps I recently made for my nieces. When my friend Lui of My Crafting Den offered the Pink Blossoms Kit, her latest digi-scrap kit, for free, I knew I had to grab it right away! Here is the finished product:

I haven’t seen both of them for three years now and I so miss them much! Beebop was only two years old and Chappi about 6months the last time I was with them. How time flies. I hope they’ll like this scrappy that I made for them.

Please visit my friend’s My Crafting Den for scrapbooking kits and other fabulous freebies.

4 thoughts on “Better late than never!

  1. Lui says:

    yey! fenk na fenk. i love beebop's bangs.. hehe reminds me so much of the time I had bangs at super straight na hair..thanks for the mention. i've got a really awesome freebie tom so do drop by. i know you can't resist vintage-grunge stuff 😀

  2. Sreisaat says:

    Thanks for visiting, too. And you're welcome! Your site is worth mentioning naman e. Wherever and whenever there are freebies, count me in! My nieces are growing up cute (ubo-ubo) but too quickly 😦 I have a similar bangs when I was little, too. Bangs na kung bangs! LOL

  3. stardust says:

    Hi, Sreisaat, thank you for your visit and a nice comment.Please return to Japan and visit Nara, the ancient capital of Japan, where I live, at the beginning of April when sakura are in full bloom. Maybe a few years later…..when the current situation becomes the past tragedy. I consider myself a late bloomer, too. I agree with you “better late than never” and nothing is too late to start.Your digi-scrap is nicely arranged with lovely pink colors. Beepop and Chappi are so adorable.Yoko alias stardust, Japan

  4. Sreisaat says:

    Hello Yoko. Many thanks for dropping by.I do love to come back to Japan – there is so much more I want to see. One thing I regret having done while I was there was visit temples and castles. I spent more time in the mountains, in Kiyosato actually, but I also love it there! Beautiful mountains and nature and beautiful people :)Please do come by and have a visit again here.

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