Assorted granny squares

I was browsing a crochet book called Crochet by Eunice Close (published in 1951) that my Mum-in-law sent me last year when I chanced upon the page with instructions for Afghans. Afghans are colourful cosy rugs which women used to drape over their knees when they retired for their daily siesta. It is known for its bright colours and can be used as a rug or an extra blanket for chilly nights.

An Afghan is consists of many, many medallions (or squares) measuring about two or three inches square, each row being worked in different colours – usually bright red, green, yellow or blue, and many others, and are sewn together neatly. The best thing about making an Afghan is that you make the squares first and then sew them together afterwards.

Anyways, so I spent one Saturday figuring out the instructions in the crochet book. Embarrassingly, I could not quite finish a square simply because I could not understand the instructions. What seemed to be instructions for a basic pattern  for beginners level seemed to be so complicated to follow. I guess it’s the way it was written, in British-English, that is. And you know how different it is from the written American-English style of writing.   So to make it easier and to avoid spending more time on a very basic pattern, I abandoned the instructions and studied the illustration instead. I scrutinized the stitches, estimated the number of stitches, etc… and in no time, I successfully finished one medallion. Am so proud of myself! But my triumph was sort of short-lived. While the result was quite satisfactory, I wondered about the shape. It looks square alright but the corners are rounded. It is posing a problem for me now. Any ideas  how can I make the corners sharper?

Anyways, in my excitement though, I made several squares in different colors.

I love how my color combinations turned out! Don’t you think so too? In a few more weeks, hopefully, I’d be able to make enough squares to finish a cover for our couch.

If not, then I think I may have found another use for the squares 😀

6 thoughts on “Assorted granny squares

  1. lui says:

    i found a very similar pattern Z and i tried it and i've managed to make it square. although i don't have the right sized hook so I had to add a few more rounds to make it as big as I wanted it.Will share the pattern next time I see yah.. But in any case baka pwede na syang iunat or madala sa plantsa? haha

  2. Sreisaat says:

    Sige, share tayo… sa pag-unat? Hahahaha.I think pwede na itong ma-solve pag inalmirulan ko ito (starch). Corn starch kaya ang gamitin ko?

  3. lui says:

    yep you can use cornstarch. I remember si Mama used to use cornstarch, she boils it tapos pinapalamig muna..paginunat natin yan malamang maging rectangle yan haha..

  4. Sreisaat says:

    Hahahahaha, or worse, naging oblong na lang at nawala ang corners!

  5. mumsified says:

    I love the color combination! Parang candies, hehe.

  6. Cheerful says:

    ang cute…:) colorful…

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