Yarn hunting at O’Russei

Two weeks ago my friends and I braved the summer heat and trooped to the O’Russei market for some craft supplies hunting. O’Russei is a massive concrete building divided into hundreds of stalls on three different floors.

There seems to be almost everything for everyone… there was a slew of beads but they weren’t the kind that we’re looking for. The yarns, after an hour or so of weaving in and out of the stalls, were not exactly what I was looking for but bought several skeins anyway. I attempted to find some more yarn stores for more variety but much to my disappointment, they were all selling the same color and the same acrylic-wool and acrylic-cotton yarns. What’s more, they carry the same hook sizes that I didn’t bother going to the other stores. Anyways, so I thought I’d go for what’s available here anyway. Here are the yarns that I bought, in different colors. Aren’t they all pretty?

Just a week ago, I received the pattern for a blanket that I requested from a fellow crocheter I met through Facebook. She was very nice to share it with me and gave me some tips on the stitches.  I am not exactly a newbie in crocheting but this will be the first time I’m venturing into making a blanket. I am nervous and excited at the same time! I will continue practicing on my stitches to improve my tension before I finally take on my first blanket project. Thanks for sharing the pattern, Kristy. I will definitely let you know of my progress and, if you won’t mind, I’d like to seek your advise on this one =)

Anyways, my first projects were single items with simple patterns. I first made a scarf (upper left side of the photo), all in single crochet stitches using a size 5mm hook (hook sent from England, so it’s probably an English size). The tension is quite tight so I made another one, and thankfully, it improved. I now moved on to crocheting scrunchies. This time I used the Tulips brand from Japan size 1.6mm. The scrunchies are basically composed of double crochets except for the single crochet and chain stitches in the first and last rows. I was so satisfied with the result that I made several scrunchies in different colors and combos. My husband told me they look nice and even my friends feel the same. Don’t you think so, too? Anyways, so I’m making a lot more to sell during this month’s Fun Fair! Not bad, eh? I do not hope to sell a lot though, but if people see the items and like what they see, that is enough compensation for me.

5 thoughts on “Yarn hunting at O’Russei

  1. Cheerful says:

    great job Z! i really like the scarf, let me know if you're selling it na, ha! but remember we are friends, nyahahha! looking forward to get some of your scrunchies…:) goodluck!

  2. Sreisaat says:

    Thanks, Che… I'll make you another one kasi last year ko pa to ginawa. Choose your color =)

  3. lui says:

    for sure purple yan pipiliin ni che haha..i luv the scrunchies in orange its super attractive..

  4. Cheerful says:

    i like that color…hehehe, or iyong black, gray, white shades ba iyon?! 😀 big thanks…

  5. mumsified says:

    Finally made it here! Anova ang bagal ko talaga…hehehe. Thanks for adding my new blog. Will be adding yours to mine now =)

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