Why Sreisaat Crafts?

For a very long while now I have thought about creating my own crafts blog, a crochet blog. I was inspired by the many crafts bloggers I met online, including Little Ms. Firefly, who makes pretty stuffs by hand.  I might’ve been a little late to join this crafts blog thing-y having only came across them crafts bloggers back in late 2008 but I have been crocheting since I was in my grade school. My mother, who learned how to crochet from the nuns when she was a grade-schooler at the colegio back in the 60s, decided that all her daughters should also learn her craft, commanded me and my sisters to pick up a crochet hook and patiently taught us how to make loops and single, double, treble crochets.

When we showed a lot of progress she decided to teach us beyond the basics – from picots to clusters, to granny squares to pineapple ruffles, and much, much more. Much to our chagrin, me especially, most of our summer school breaks were spent at home with her, making doilies and runners, flowers and berries, and the like. While all or most of my friends were frolicking in the beach or were away holidaying some place else, or simply hanging around in our favorite corner-store, I was stuck at home with my hook and thread. Cousins would tease me that crocheting is for spinsters, therefore, I would be doomed to become one! Even though a number of times my items and/or labor were paid, I resented it so much (I think it’s the thought of ending up a spinster that I feared the  most! hahaha) that I declared a demented war against my mother. I complained non-stop about how my back and arms ached from hours of huddling how my eyes were too tired they’d pop out of their sockets from too much  crocheting. I intentionally made my work ugly, loosening my tension, and missing stitches to annoy her and let me go and play with friends. Apparently, my mother has the patience of a pilgrim and the sternness of a nun, and she would tell me, with seriousness in her voice, dae ka magpara-hugak dyan ta aram ko na kaya mong gibuhon yan(don’t be lazy because, I know, you know how to do it properly).

Prior to 2008, I had no clue that  there’s an amazing community of craft-makers out there. It’s amazing to see groups of people who are creative and enthusiastic about creating something with their bare hands, like knitting, baking, scrapbooking, crocheting, and many others, and who are willing to share their crafts to the blogosphere and extend help and advise to others.  In the beginning, I was merely contented looking at these blogs for hours on end, bookmarking blogs with patterns that I like for my future projects (only to be lost and forgotten, sigh). Since I quit my job more than a year ago, I have more time to spare, and living in Phnom Penh with limited recreational activities, I wondered, would I be able to put myself out there and do what they’re doing?

So I recently picked up my crochet hook again (I have lots of ’em sent by my mother and my mum-in-law), and started practicing… soon, I will be taking on projects beginning with simple patterns and will progress later on to more complex ones when my tension improves. So… come back next time and sit with me as I take on crocheting again, one project at a time.

5 thoughts on “Why Sreisaat Crafts?

  1. lui says:

    Yoohoo! First to comment. Kaya pala yung comment mo nasa spam list ko eh super brand new blog ito! Congrats to the new blog and you have one follower here na =)I had fun trying out crochet again! Lol! describe ba ni Chinkee na mushroom yung nagawa ko eh I was trying to make flowers..But will keep trying..Di ba that's the fun in crafts, trial and error!

  2. Sreisaat says:

    Props to the first commenter (may word bang ganito?)!! May premyo ka sa akin, but it's for Chinks! Hahahaha. I'll hand it over sa ating next coffee date =)It really is fun!

  3. lui says:

    hmm, akala ko nagcrochet ka ng eyeglass chain for me..hahaha

  4. Cheerful says:

    how about me, anong premyo for making this comment? hehehe…keep it up Z! oppsss…i like the scarf na nakita ko sa house nyo, like the color din! 🙂 time to show some of your works here…:D

  5. Kiwipinay says:

    buti na lang nakusyoso ako dito at may usapang pa-premyo pala!seester! buti na lang at may asawa ka na kundi, baka mauwi sa pag-gagantsilyo at tumba-tumba! waaaahahahahaa!!(okay.. ano premyo ko sa post na yan? weehehehe!!)

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